Relax and …

Do you have 5 minutes to make your body feel better?

Meditation is an important way to relax your mind & body and it only takes 10 – 20 minutes a day. However, breathing only takes 3 – 5 minutes and can be done anywhere: at your desk; before a meeting; driving your car.

You have a nerve that goes through your entire body call the Vegas. This is the internal communications system for your brain to the rest of the body. This system is call the Autonomic nervous system which has two parts:

  • sympathetic – Fight. Flight or Freeze for self preservation
  • parasympathetic – Rest and digest to mellow out

Your inhales keys the Sympathetic nervous system while your exhales keys the parasympathetic nervous system. When you are in a stressful situation you automatically inhale rapidly, to oxygenate your blood and bring your Adrenalin levels up. When you are relaxed you breath deeper and slower and allows your body to do the little things like digest food, flush toxins, and repair itself.

There a number of different techniques for different energy levels that work around three easy concepts: The longer your exhales, the more relaxed your body will be; the longer your inhales the more energy your body will build. Balanced longer inhales and exhales will steady your body.

Most people, when they inhale deeply, tend to get a touch taller because they are breathing Vertically. This does not allow our lower body to process the oxygen correctly. So you should learn to breath horizontally or deep belly breaths. These use the diaphragm correctly and activates the lower portion of your torso.

Learning to breathe costs you nothing, but can help your body and sex life unbelievably. The following three Videos are amongst the best we could find on this subject.