Sexual & Gender Identity

Many people are not completely clear on what sexual preference or gender that they are comfortable with.


Each of us are issued a set of sexual organs at birth. Historically, that set of organs defined many things about who we are and what we are expected to do and be. That is changing. Today we do not need to be locked into anything because of an accident of birth. There are many resources available to us today. This link is a good starting place Gender Map.

NEWS: No joke, heteroflexible is a real thing!

If you are one that does not feel trapped in your birth gender, you still might not be attracted to a different gender. Possibly, you have the same level of attraction to more than one gender. Thankfully, today’s social and legal environment allows a great deal more freedom in this area. The real problem is how each individual handles their sexual preferences in their own mind. Luckily, most of this generation’s youth have much less issues with sexual preferences. It is the older generations that still have problems with this.

Sexual and gender identity issues are real struggles for many. These issues cause a great deal of stress in their lives. Self acceptance is a journey of its own, however you do not need to walk that path alone.

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