Body set

Like “Mind Set”, having the right “Body Set” for a sex session is critical to the success of the mission.

The body set should have:

  • energy – should have eaten/hydrated recently
  • clean – showered, shaved and teeth brushed.
  • flexibility – stretching can help, especially for longer sessions

The body set should not have:

  • overly tired or sore muscles
  • physical distress like an illness
  • undue pain.

Several studies have shown that morning sex is more enjoyable than evening sessions. This is because the body normally wakes up rested with higher energy levels.

If your medical situation allows it, a single aspirin an hour before sex will thin the blood, which increases blood flow. Increased blood flow allows:

  • more oxygen to the brain
  • better movement of the brain’s chemical signals around the body
  • better blood flow to the penis