Indirect Stimulation

Indirect sexual stimulation is activity in senses that are not directly related to the sexual organs. There are a number of indirect stimuli, some common ones are:

Visual: Visual stimulation is any thing that can be seen which causes a level of sexual arousal. When considering visual sexual stimulation, most people think of pornography and voyeurism. However, it can include art, dance, or just observing the people around you. Visual stimulation is the most common form of sexual stimulation.

CAUTION: While pornography may be a good source of indirect simulation, having it on during a session can be a huge distraction. People can change their focus to the porn away from the person(s) and activities they should be focusing on. This can bring an enjoyable session to a screeching halt.

Taste: Taste is the sensation produced when a substance in the mouth reacts chemically with taste receptor cells located on taste buds in the oral cavity, mostly on the tongue. Taste is not traditionally considered a sexual stimulation, however it can be as sexually arousing as any other sense.

Smell: The sense of smell comes from specialized sensory cells, called olfactory sensory neurons, which are found in a small patch of tissue high inside the nose. When it comes to sexual arousal, some smells can heighten it while others can lessen it significantly. This all depends on each individual’s personal tastes. Some find perfumes and colognes very enticing, while others find them to be a complete turn-off. Similarly, personal hygiene smells can have a very positive or negative impact on sexual arousal. There is no other sense that can kill sexual arousal faster than smell.


Touch: The sense of touch is controlled by a huge network of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin known as the somatosensory system. This system is responsible for all the sensations we feel – cold, hot, smooth, rough, pressure, tickle, itch, pain, pleasure, vibrations, and more.

Internal Imagery: has been defined as “using all the senses to re-create or create an experience in the mind” (Cox, 2011). In other words, mental imagery is recalling a stored memory in meaningful images. Memory or fantasy, internal imagery is a powerful sexual stimulation. Internal imagery is frequently an important part of self stimulation or masturbation.

Sound: There is a belief that Binaural beats or sound at a specific frequency can relax and stimulate the body. The following video is the Male frequency.