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Tantric Intimacy – the intensity of touch energy


This may change your views on:

  • your life
  • your body
  • your sexual experiences

If you have a sex positive attitude and are interested in practising and learning more about Tantra with like minded men, please Contact US for a Gay Tantra group in your area.

This is only an overview. It cannot begin to encompass the entire subject of Tantra. Reading and understanding these concepts is a good step towards achieving a much more enjoyable sex life.

Tantra is about having a passionate sex life which involves:

  • sharing the joy and pleasure of sexual union
  • state of mind from visualization to meditation.
  • mutual intimacy: touch, sensual massage and play.
  • exercises from breathing to muscle contraction.
  • environment: sound, scents and visuals in a mutually created space.

Most tantra techniques have to be demonstrated. Institute de Vie has some courses that present Tantra Techniques.

All or part of these courses are included these retreats:

One day Retreat
Two day Retreat