Self Image

With the rise of photographic and television advertising in America, it was quickly discovered that “sex sells”. Initially, this trend was focused on the beautiful women on calendars, center-folds, and runways. Then, with the overwhelming acceptance of Playgirl magazine in 1973, beautiful men became fair game.

The “Marlboro Man” advertising campaign started in 1954 with the definition of rugged macho, men. In the mid ’70s “Marlboro Man” became much more handsome than rugged. By the early ’80s beautiful men where on calendars, center-folds, and runways.

The result of these trends, was that everyone was presented with beautiful men and women everywhere; on billboards, magazine covers, on TV, just to name a few. Everyone wanted to see the “beautiful” people. Everyone wanted to BE the “beautiful” people. Guess what, the “beautiful people” are not real.

Everyone compares themselves with those beautiful people. The amount of money spent on Cosmetic Surgery skyrocketed. The rest of us mortals developed inferiority complexes and self image issues. Worse, we have exported it to the rest of the world.

Men have their own issues:

Try this as a thought experiment or a discussion point for your friends: Imagine yourself as an famous underwear model. Your picture is on those magazine and all over many websites. Put yourself in that role then answer the following questions by writing down 5 examples for each:

  • How do you think you would spend your day?
  • How do you think most people would treat you?
  • Do you think you would be happier as that model?

Now for a different perspective