Phase 6. Intercourse

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For gay men sexual intercourse can take many forms from mutual masturbation and oral stimulation to anal penetration. Regardless of form, one of the most difficult elements of intercourse for most men is learning to delay their ejaculation to allow lovemaking to be extended. You can learn to delay ejaculation for as much as weeks or months at a time. Once mastered, you can learn the indescribable experience of orgasm without ejaculation. Orgasm without ejaculation does not exhaust your sexual energy as does regular ejaculation. You can become a multi-orgasmic man without the aid of chemicals.

Since Tantra loving lasts several hours, there are some precautions to take.

Relax frequently – at least once every 30-45 minutes and allow your erection to subside so the blood in the penis can be cycled. This also allows your hormones to recharge. These relaxation periods can include touching, cuddling, oral play or tenderly holding each other.

Use good lubricants – and use them very liberally to keep skin friction to a minimum. Nothing shortens or reduces your pleasure more than soreness due to skin friction.

Change Positions – even in the most limber people can experience muscle fatigue and cramping in some positions or by being in the same position too long.

Change Activities – with the variety of options available to gay men in intercourse, exploring new and different techniques in each one provides multiple differing sensations that build towards that perfect harmony.

Change Roles – this is one concept that is more available to gay men than heterosexuals. You can and should explore the aspects of Tantra from the “top” and the “bottom”. This is especially important for those who’s normal preference is one or the other. Tops do learn to be better tops by understanding the pleasures available on the bottom and how to increase those pleasures for his partner. Bottoms learn to be better bottoms by understanding the Top’s pleasures and how advance these those for his partner. Equally important in exercising all aspects of your sexuality is giving those parts of your body normally used most, a break while using others.

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