Phase 7. Sexual Energy

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“Riding the wave of bliss” or “edging” as it is referred to today, is when the lovers become totally aroused sexually and maintain that arousal for some time. You build up an extremely high level of sexual energy. If this energy has nowhere else to go, the pressure will build-up in the prostate and can lead to involuntary ejaculation that ends the lovemaking. With a combination of breathing, relaxation, and muscle contraction exercises you can learn to circulate sexual energy through yours and your lover’s body. The ego boundaries will start to disappear and you become one in complete union.

Here is a simple muscle contraction exercise to learn. When you are urinating, stop the flow of urine in mid-stream, you are then contracting the right muscles in the right way. Do this regularly so your muscles learn the process and it can become an automatic thing. This is something that you can do with your partner too.

During intercourse, when you are at the peak of sexual arousal, stop your sexual movements and focus on moving the building energy in your genitals through your body. To do this start slow, deep abdominal breathing to relax your body then start the muscle contractions. While you are doing this visualize moving the energy up your body and passing it to your partner through your hands, eyes and genitals. This will seem difficult at first because most people have not learn to pay attention to their internal energy, but it get easier with practice.

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