Anal Sex & Douching

Douche Bulb

With anal sex becoming more popular, “cleaning out” or “Douching” can make the experience a lot more enjoyable for all involved. This involves evacuating then rinsing out the lower and sometimes upper intestines.

It is useful to be prepared for the level of Anal sex expected. If you are unsure what level is expected, do the best you can to be prepared. The most common types of anal simulations and the relative level of preparation are:

Exterior Stimulation – There are several forms of anal stimulation that does not require entering the anus. In these cases washing the anus (the area just inside of the rectum) and rectum well is probably all that is needed.

Interior Stimulation – If anal intercourse or anal toy play are on the menu, then cleaning the lower intestine is recommended. This level of rinsing out (or douching) can be done pretty quickly with a douche bulb or shower attachment.

Douche shower kit

Deep Stimulation – If anal fisting or large toy play is planned, then cleaning the lower part of the upper intestine is recommended. This level of douching normally takes up to an hour with several douches cleaning first the lower intestine, then going deeper into the upper intestine. It also takes some time to get all of the water back out too.

If you are going to be douching, even the lighter level of rinsing out, be sure to give yourself enough time to get all the water out so it does not get worked out later during play.

Note from your plumber

Unless you know the drains in your shower or tub are up to moving solid matter through, then you should evacuate into the toilet. If you evacuate in the tub or shower it is a real good idea to flush the drain out well when you are finished.