Every sexual session needs a minimum amount of preparation. Depending upon the type of session desired, some preparations can be more extensive.

In addition to participants, at minimum, what every session needs is a place to occur. One place that might be is in the bedroom, the only limit to the possibilities are the imaginations of participants and local law. Seen in this light, variety really can be the spice of life.

Further preparation might include a variety of supplies for a pleasurable and successful session. Those supplies may include but are not limited to items such as personal lubricants, condoms, toys, candles, incense, music, and possibly refreshments.

NOTE: While there are things to include, there are things you will NOT want to include or “ban” from the play space. Anything which might cause a distraction should be removed from the space. Distractions will stop an enjoyable session dead. The biggest offender in this category is the phone, especially smart phones. What is more important to you? your pleasure or your phone?

Where some people are into natural smells and even a bit of “raunch”, many people are more comfortable starting a session with freshly cleansed bodies. It can be relaxing and even very erotic for participants to cleanse one another as a beginning to a session.

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