Phase 3. The Purifying Bath

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This is a lot more that just cleaning your body, it is also washing away the concerns and issues of everyday life. Most Western cultures have serious privacy issues with cleaning your body, but it is best if you and your playmate cleanse each other.

A hot bath with oils and bath salts is perfect – if you can both fit into the tub at the same time it is even better. A shower is perfectly acceptable and can be as much fun. Part of this is getting physically clean so your partner can enjoy you in every way, part of it is getting relaxed, and part of it is psychological because everyone naturally feels good after a bath or a shower. You can be playful or meditative, but do everything together from the washing to the drying.

You should also include shaving, trimming hair, brushing teeth and any other activity that is needed to be ready for each other. Some people have issues with artificial scents, but if you enjoy a specific cologne on your man you can make this part of the ritual also.

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