Phase 2. The Sacred Space

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Most cultures consider sex to be a thing of the bedroom only. The Tantric approach is one of environment or “Sacred Space”. It can be a bedroom or living room or even an outdoor setting. You can create a Sacred Space in a few minutes or across many years. It can costs little to nothing or can be a life time investment.

The focus should be your intention, not specific items or what anyone else might think. Cleanliness is important, physical and psychological. Clean the space and put away clutter and junk that might be lying about. Lighting is important, you do not want it so dark that you cannot see the person you are loving, but too bright can make relaxation difficult. For some, plants or fresh cut flowers are important. Food should be included – a variety of fruit is very sensual but other food objects can be interesting too – you will need to keep your energy up. You should also have liquid refreshments, sharing a bottle of wine can be very nice. Special objects which have emotional or physical importance should be included in the Sacred Space. If you include a bed, make it up with clean linens and having lots of pillows can be real nice. Whatever you do to create the Sacred space it is best when it is done together with full consideration to your partner’s, and your own, wants and desires.

Some peoples Scared Space’s evolve into having objects related to their personal fetishes. This is completely acceptable, however it is highly recommended that these items should not be included at first, as they can get in the way of mutual exploration and trust.

Once you complete creating the space, take a few moments to purify it, physically and energetically. This means if there are still distracting or offensive objects remove them, then consciously send away negative or fearful thoughts and feelings. You should also invite in those thoughts and feelings that are joyous, passionate and safe. You can create your own rituals with meditation, herbs, incense, and music.

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