Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

According to researchers at the Carolina Institute, one out of three individuals enjoys watching sex or exposing themselves in public. Studies show that men are more voyeuristic than women with 12 percent of men being aroused while watching sexual acts compared to 4 percent of women. As demonstrated by the adult entertainment industry, 80 percent of their audience is men.

Exhibitionism is a different story though. How many of us have worn revealing clothing at some point or another or showed our bodies off a bit at the gym or beach? There may be a bit of exhibitionist in all of us. Exposing yourself and having sex in public is illegal. However, our culture seems to recognize that it is an important part of us with the existence of legal nude beaches and fetish clubs, and even certain festivals:

  • New Orleans’s Mardi Gras, where women are encouraged to flash their breasts for beads and trinkets.
  • Seattle’s Fremont District annual Solstice Cyclists parade where the cyclists ride naked through the city streets.