Not just for gay men

Every human male has the same basic anatomy, regardless of sexual orientation. The prostate is about a half-inch inside the opening of the anus. Stimulating the prostate gland and sensitive nerves around the anus heightens sensations during masturbation and intercourse. It can be especially intense at the time of orgasm because that is the area where the fluids of ejaculation gather just prior to release.

Heterosexual men seldom try anal stimulation because they think that enjoying anything anal would make them gay. If you fantasize about sex with women while you masturbate your probably a heterosexual, regardless of the types of stimulation you enjoy. Your sexual orientation has very little to do with enjoying the pleasures of your body!

The act of “pegging” is becoming increasingly popular with straight couples. This is where the woman wears a strap-on dildo and performs anal intercourse with her man. There has to be something to it when so many gay men are enjoying anal stimulation. Why should the gay guys have all the fun.