Going for it

With the advances in medical science, our life spans have not only increased, but nearly doubled in the last 200 years. Today it is not only possible, but fairly common for men to have healthy sex lives well into their mid – late 80s. How can we do this too?

Talk about it! Given the cultural norms of the early 1900s until about 1980. “Talking about it” is not something most of us are comfortable with. However, This is one of the easiest things we can do to ensure we have a better sex life. We are adults, we can and should have an open dialogue about our wants and desires in our sex life.

  • with our Partners
  • with our Friends
  • with our Doctors!

Stay healthy physically

For your entire life you have been told to stay healthy. Never has it been more import to:

  • Eat right – Our bodies process foods differently as we age. It is very smart to be aware of this and modify our diets accordingly. Many of the physical issues in aging can be attributed to being over weight or eating certain types of food.
  • Exercise – There are plenty of studies that tell us to exercise and stay active. You do not have to believe these studies, just look around and notice what those seniors that are the healthiest have in common.
  • See your Doctor regularly – Many of today’s seniors were raised in environments where you only went to the Doctor when you were really sick. This has only been reinforced by the state of the health insurance industry for the last 50 year. Having said that, regular health monitoring will help alert you to changes in your body which can be solved if handled early.

Stay healthy, mentally

Significant sections of this website address different aspects of the mental state for a male to have a satisfying and healthy sex life. As many of us mature we can see the wisdom of the following:

  1. Mind set – Every one has known an angry or bitter senior. It is far too easy for anyone, regardless of their circumstances, to let a lifetime of regrets, disappointments, or failures give them a very negative attitude to life and the people around them. If you want to get the best of your senior years work on keeping your mindset and attitudes pointed in the directions you want to go.
  2. Self image – The reality of this situation is that we are not young and beautiful anymore. We can bemoan this regularly or make the most out of what we have. We have had to laugh a great deal to get those “laugh lines”. They are badges of achievement, wear them proudly.
  3. Relax – One of the real advantages of being older is that many of the stresses of life are behind us. The Careers have been survived. The kids have been raised. We can now focus on what we want more. Take the time to relax: read those books, see those sites, maybe even learn to Meditate. You are allowed.

Give yourself permission to enjoy life and your sexual pleasures.