A new approach

In 21st century American culture, does it seem like sex has become a “me” sport? While masturbation is a very healthy “me” activity, many seem to take that mindset into their sexual interfaces with other people. Their focus appears to be on what they can “get for themselves” from the experience. All too often the result is a momentary physical release, but nothing that could be described as fulfilling. And yet, these same people strive for an impossible level of fulfillment from their sexual interfaces.

Try a different attitude and approach to sexual interface with others.

Instead of focusing on your sexual pleasure, try focusing on your partner’s first. Also, try working with your partner(s) as a team. Take a little of your pleasure and blend it with their desires and see where that takes you. Try going beyond your usual sexual routine, by exploring your partners’ pleasures as an aspect of your own pleasure.

Further, try not to be bound by a role, position, or physical act, but open yourself to mutual explorations. Then, build on that experience to achieve a much higher level of sexual pleasure for all involved. This requires more effort in opening your mind and body to new and different things. However, many have discovered a significantly higher level of sexual pleasure and even a level of fulfillment from this type of mutual exploration.

This attitude and approach is a Tantric concept. Click here for more on Tantra.