Head space

What is going on in our head can get in the way of better sex; and yes, even a better life. Sex relieves stress which allows us to have better sex; which relieves even more stress, and give’s us a better quality of life.

Once you elect to have sex, having a good head space can make the difference between a simple ejaculation and a truly amazing shared experience. So what makes up a good head space for sex?

  • Mindfulness – Be present in the moment and not let outside stresses interrupt your possibilities.
  • focus – Be able to focus on the pleasure possible in the session.
  • creativity – Use your imagination to do and try different things in this session.
  • no Distractions – few things kill the possibilities of a session more than distractions. Cell phones are the worst, but different TVs, even with porn can be just as bad. Try to remove or power down all possible distractions.