Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s day 2020, Institute de Vie is providing a retreat and 2 courses for the first time in Northern California. These programs are available on the Russian River, at the Stump Town Lodgings complex in Guerneville.

We have put this series together so you can give “Intense Pleasure” for Valentines day and begin to have very different sex lives. The courses in this retreat are formatted for Gay Men.

Why are these retreats amazing gifts to give?

The courses present a number of concepts and techniques for having amazing sex. They are not only “the gifts that keep on giving”, they give back! If you cannot go yourself, send your partner to one of these retreats. When he gets back, ask him show you what he has learned.

Evening Discussion Groups: Feb 17th and 19th

The offerings on Feb 17th and 19th are evening discussion groups. They focus on men over 50 and how they can have better sex lives. Even with the challenges of aging minds and bodies. These discussions are titled Sex North of 50 and cost $35 per person.

Single Day Retreat: Feb 22nd

The final two Retreats in this offering are the one day version of the Passion and Pleasure Techniques program called Intense Sexual Pleasure. This version of the retreat touches the same subjects, just not with as much detail, practical training and discussions.

The Intense Sexual Pleasure retreat is scheduled on Saturday, Feb 22. This retreat cost $350 per person. bookings made 30 days in advance are $325. Bookings of 2 or more with coupon code ISP2C saves $25 per person.

**NOTE: The retreat includes lunch, but none of these programs include accommodations. The series is hosted at Stump Town Lodgings complex and they may have rooms available.  You can view and book Bunkhouse accommodations at: